Gold and Goldsmithing

What is “the best” gold karat for a ring?

This is a matter of opinion.  The higher the karat of gold, the more pure gold is in the mixture of gold and alloy.  And because gold is softer than the alloy metals, the higher the karat of gold is, the softer it is.  So, now we ask, how hard are you going to be on your ring?  Will you be wearing it to work? Gardening? Etc?  The colour of the gold (using yellow gold as the example) can vary slightly with the karat, so some people also have preferences in that regard.  Let us show you the differences in-store and we can help you decide what karat is best for you.

Do you work on 22K or 23K gold?

Yes.  … And 9K, 1oK, 14K, 18K and even 19K!… The melting temperatures of each different karat and other properties of precious metals require a thorough understanding.  John is a very skilled goldsmith who has an excellent understanding of the properties of gold and alloy.  We also have state of the art equipment that enables us to do some jewellery repair without applying heat, assisting us in working on higher karat pieces.

How can I get my jewellery repaired?

Our goldsmith does repairs on-site.  Bring your repair needs to the store and we will usually have it repaired in a couple of days.  In some unusual cases, it is better for your piece to be sent to the manufacturer, which will of course take longer.  Either way, our knowledgeable staff can explain what needs to be done to repair your jewellery what the best option is for you, both in a time and cost effective way.  If you would like to speak to the goldsmith in person, please call the store and the staff will be happy to set up a convenient appointment time for you.

How long does it take to order a ring?

The amount of time can be as short as overnight or a month.  If a supplier has it in stock and we can make shipping deadlines, it is possible to get pieces in overnight.  Special custom ordered pieces could take 2 to 4 to even 6 weeks in some rare cases.  If we are custom making something in-store for you, we usually ask that you give us 2 weeks, but are as flexible to your needs as possible.


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