Bernd Wolf


European designer Bernd Wolf, has created something truly spectacular. “With his sophisticated collections and their captivating, clear-cut and minimalist design language, Bernd Wolf has quickly conquered the jewellery market. He and his wife, jewellery designer Yvonne Wolf, develop jewellery collections of inimitable beauty that perfectly reflect the spirit of our times.”


Bernd Wolf was one of the first jewellery manufactures that ventured to add high-grade gold plating to sterling silver. Not only is this combination beautiful, and expertly skin-compatible, it is very affordable. Since yellow gold can be rather expensive, this line offers itself not only to the workingwoman, but to that fun fashion forward girl who wants to add an amazing piece to her wardrobe.


Not only does Bernd Wolf hit the mark on the yellow gold aspect, it also lends itself to colour, which is a great way to add a bold, funkier look to any ensemble. Diamond, carnelian, kyanite, onyx, pearls, smoky quartz, black spinel, blue, and green turquoise and sponge coral account for the great appeal of Bernd Wolfs creations and their distinctive design.


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