The Sapphire Guide – A Colour for Every Love Story

September 10, 2017 No comments yet

When you think of Sapphire, a blue-hued gemstone probably springs to mind, but did you know that sapphires come in nearly every colour of the rainbow? These prestigious gemstones are highly valuable as well as durable – sapphires are second only to diamonds in hardness. High quality, natural sapphires are rare and as a result, […]

A goldsmith’s guide to buying the perfect wedding band

June 23, 2017 No comments yet

From choosing your metals and size to wedding ring maintenance, this is your ultimate guide to “Wedding Band 101”! When it comes to jewellery, engagement rings reign supreme with their sparkly diamonds and colourful gemstones but don’t forget about your wedding band. After all, this is the piece that truly transforms your relationship and your […]

Buyer beware! Not all jewellery stores and sales are equal

December 12, 2016 3 comments

Not all jewellery stores are the same. In fact, there is a HUGE variation in price and quality from different suppliers and stores. When it comes to buying jewellery, it really does pay to shop around, as one of our Kelowna customers recently discovered. One of our customers, let’s call her Barbara, found a great […]

Check out America’s largest Semi-Precious Mineral collection

November 4, 2016 No comments yet

Some of the most interesting and vibrant jewellery in our Kelowna jewellery store is made of semi-precious minerals, so I was thrilled to take a peek at a very special collection this past October. For more than 12 years, European Goldsmith has belonged to the Canadian Jewellery Group, the largest jewellery buying group in Canada. […]

Why You Need a Jewellery Appraisal – Even If You Already Have One!

April 14, 2016 1 comment

When it comes to jewellery, regular appraisals are an absolute must. At European Goldsmith, we firmly believe in educating our customers and ensuring that they have the knowledge they need to protect their investment, and to make an informed decision on the long-term care of their precious pieces. For more than 20 years, our Kelowna […]

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