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Citizen Eco-Drive is the cornerstone of the entire Citizen Watch brand, demonstrating that there is a demand for high style, technologically advanced, ecologically conscious watches; and proving that advanced design and sustainability can co-exist.

Canadian customers expect cutting edge technology, innovation, and world class designs.” said Kevin Kaye, President, Citizen citizen 4Watch Company of Canada. “We are delighted to offer eco-friendly watches to satisfy their needs.” he added.

The green technology of Citizen Eco-Drive watches is designed to provide the wearer a lifetime of use while having minimal impact on the environment.  The entire Citizen Eco-Drive collection features a permanently rechargeable lithium-ion cell and a seamless process. Light from natural and artificial sources, both direct and ambient, passes through the dial to a solar panel that converts it into energy.  A highly efficient IC chip then decides whether to use the energy or store it in the rechargeable lithium-ion cell for future use. Depending upon the model, this cell can hold the charge for anywhere from 6 months to 4 years without requiring additional exposure to light.  Since a Citizen Eco-Drive watch does not require a battery replacement, there is no need to worry about the disposal of batteries which, when improperly discarded, may leach hazardous chemicals into landfills.citizen 8

At its most basic level, Citizen Eco-Drive is a stylish accessory that relies on the renewable energy of light. “Over the years, our technology and design has evolved to a point that often consumers don’t even realise that their watch is eco-friendly.” Kaye said. “Citizen is also proud to say that with the launch of Eco-Drive watches, over the past decade the disposal of more than 10 million watch batteries in North America has been prevented.”  he continued.

Ahead of Its Time: Citizen Introduces Light-Powered Technology and Unstoppable Style

In 1976, the original light-powered watch featured the revolutionary technology of eight small solar panels on the face to catch the light. While the watch worked well, neither the name nor the design appealed to consumers. Citizen’s technicians rose to the challenge and refined the proprietary green, light-power technology and improved the efficiency of the solar cells. In the early 90’s, Citizen renamed the light-powered watch to become the aptly titled Eco-Drive watch, of which more than 9 million have been sold in North America.

Citizen takes pride in our Eco-Drive technology as it relates to the environmental impact on our planet. Eco-Drive technology offers many advantages and utilises non-toxic substances in the manufacturing process.” Kaye said.


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