Bulova Precisionist

The world’s most accurate watch, with a continuously sweeping second hand. Two of the factors that affect accuracy in a quartz watch are temperature changes and vibration frequency. Bulova Precisionist technology addresses both by adding a third prong to the quartz crystal and increasing the total vibrations to eight times the frequency of a standard quartz watch.

Precisionist is a quartz watch with a second hand that beats 16 times per second, while those on standard quartz watches beat only one time per second. As a result, the continuous motion of the Precisionist second hand is even more fluid than all mechanical watch second hands that beat only 8 to 10 times per second.

The most comprehensive and potentially revolutionary product launch from Bulova since the debut of Accutron 50 years ago, Precisionist brings the watch industry a new sense of dynamism, an excitement that redefines the expected.

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