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Posted on December 20, 2014

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Have you ever dreamed of having that perfect piece of jewellery, that you just can’t seem to find anywhere?   …something unique, something different, something straight out of YOUR imagination?  Or maybe you’re the caretaker of a jewellery box full of pieces of jewellery that have been passed down to you; pieces that never get worn…perhaps goodies from your mother, grandmother or aunt?  Sometimes the pieces of jewellery you inherit are truly works of art, and you wouldn’t change them for the world.  But sometimes, although you appreciate the sentiment behind the jewellery, you’re not particularly crazy about the design.  So you tuck it away far at the back of your jewellery box never to be seen again.   This is truly a sad waste of jewellery.

Bear 3 JB 7524 Mary Lewin 1

Just because you don’t like the design or arrangement of the diamonds and/or gems, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep the sentiment and enjoy wearing the jewellery.   At European Goldsmith we specialize in turning your old jewellery into something new, something that you love and want to wear.

JB 1326 Cam McKay Band 2

What’s involved?  Just 5 easy steps:

  1. Most of our custom design customers will come to us with a good general idea of what they are looking for.  Whether we are working from pictures the customer tore from magazines or a drawing made from their imagination, we can make it work!  The initial design process is the most important. Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine what it is you are exactly seeking by reviewing the images brought in or just by simply describing what you have in mind.Holly B Family Ring 3
  2. From there we bring the design to our Master Goldsmith who then estimates your price on the piece in question, using YOUR existing gold and gems, along with any additional material required.
  3. Then our goldsmith renders an image allowing you to see the piece of jewellery on the big screen.  This way we know and more importantly, YOU KNOW exactly what is to be expected of the finished product.  If necessary most changes would be made at this stage.
  4. After all design modifications are complete and the final quote is approved, a wax model is then made, and once again you the customer can view the wax along with the image again.  This way you know exactly what youcan look forward to.  This is something that not every jeweller does.  This in depth and hands-on process is what sets European Goldsmith apart from many other custom jewellery designers.JB 5733 Allen Burn Pendant 1
  5. When all is to your liking, and not before, we take a 50% deposit and melt down “Grandma’s ring” to create your new masterpiece.

Kims Fashion 1 Kim2 Melinda 3

Every one of our custom jewellery customers have been thrilled with the quality of workmanship that comes from our Master Goldsmith.  So, what are you waiting for?! Bring your ideas to life! Or turn that old jewellery into something new and exciting!

Here is a look at that design process from start to finish:

01 Design Stage

#1 – The design stage.

02 Wax Stage

#2 – The wax stage.

03 Spruing Stage

#3 – The spuing stage.

04 Spruing Stage with Flask

#4 – The spuing stage with flask.

05 Molding stage

#5 – The molding stage.

06 Burnout Stage

#6 – The burnout stage.

07 Raw Casting

#7 – The raw casting stage.

08 After cutting excess gold off

#8 – The casting stage, after cutting off excess gold.

09 Sanded Prefinished Stage

#9 – The sanded prefinished stage.

10 Set All Stones

#10 – All stones set stage.

11 Final Polish and Finished

#11 – The final polish and finished product.


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  1. My dream ring will be slick and unique. I want it to be crafted with care. Your article seems to be quite helpful in crafting my dream ring.

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