Check out America’s largest Semi-Precious Mineral collection

Posted on November 4, 2016

Some of the most interesting and vibrant jewellery in our Kelowna jewellery store is made of semi-precious minerals, so I was thrilled to take a peek at a very special collection this past October.

For more than 12 years, European Goldsmith has belonged to the Canadian Jewellery Group, the largest jewellery buying group in Canada. With more than 120 independently-owned jeweller members across Canada, the group has the strength to negotiate with suppliers and we can access designers, product lines, and information that is on par with (or better) than the national jewellery chain stores.

Recently, I was honoured to accept an appointment onto the Board of Directors of this amazing national group. My first task was to attend meetings in Wisconsin, which included meeting with North America’s experts in our industry’s loss prevention and insurance.

I was also privileged to have a tour of America’s largest private collection of semi-precious minerals and mineral crystals!  We observed huge specimens of some of the most beautiful things nature creates.

Here are just a few of the amazing semi-precious minerals and crystals I was lucky enough to see, along with some of the pieces in our Kelowna jewellery store that are made of the same minerals.

amethyst mineral crystal

This large piece of raw amethyst was on display as part of the mineral collection.

Amethyst and diamond ring

This gorgeous amethyst and diamond ring is available at our Kelowna jewellery store and is a true showstopper!

tanzite custom ring

Similar in colour to amethyst, tanzanite also makes for beautiful, purple-blue hued jewellery.



Opal is the October birthstone and can be found in a variety of luminescent colours.


Kelowna jewellery opals

These gleaming opals are set in gold and have an organic feel that compliments the beauty of the gemstones.


opal jewellery Kelowna

This white opal displays flashes of orange and green, which are all the more beautiful when surrounded by diamonds!


Labradorite is a really stunning mineral/gemstone that displays flashes of iridescent colour called ‘labradoresence’.

This necklace by Bernd Wolf features labradorite and gold-plated silver - a classic and modern combination!

This necklace by Bernd Wolf features labradorite and gold-plated silver – a classic and modern combination!

And a few more that I thought were very cool!


Malachite is a mineral that displays bands of green. If it reminds you of aged copper, then you’re onto something; malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral!


How cool is this space-age white mineral?


The deep blue of this cavansite is particularly striking on the background of the white stilbite.


Isn’t it amazing what this creation we call Earth has hiding for us to discover? Come visit us in store to see our collection of beautiful mineral and gemstone jewellery or to have your own custom jewellery created in the gemstone of your choice!

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