Triton is a leading designer of contemporary metal jewellery  Our metal experts search the world for new metals and materials to use in their next creation.

Tungsten Carbide: The standard of elegance. TC850 is the originally patented formulation and only available at licensed retailers. Nothing else compares to the structural strength and weight of TC850. Solid, strong, scratch resistant and forever polished, TC850 combines innovative technology with timeless designs for today’s man.

White Tungsten Carbide: Triton introduces white tungsten carbide, an exclusive collection joining classic and black in our contemporary line of men’s Tungsten Carbide TC.850 wedding bands.
Titanium: Lightweight and strong, Triton’s Titanium jewellery is 99% pure and provides exceptional comfort and wear ability. This gray, space-aged metal of choice is bright, light and perfect for any night.

Black Titanium: A super-strong, lightweight patented metal formulation delivers a dark, glossy and stylish material that is scratch resistant and tough enough to meet the increasing demands of today’s active man.

Cobalt: Cobalt is a hypo-allergenic and tarnish resistant bright white metal that has been used since ancient times for jewellery  This strong solid contemporary metal is durable, dense, and similar in weight to gold and has been used in the medical industry for years.

7mm Cobalt 8mm cobalt:dia black tungsten tungsten:rose cobalt white tungsten:diamond tungsten:wg:dia tungsten:steel





 TRITON_11-5573C7-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_11-5573HC7-G_250x230_GRAY

TRITON_11-3288BC-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_11-5579HC6-G_500x465_GRAY


TRITON_11-2094C-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_11-2096C-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_11-2098P7C-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_11-2118C-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_11-2141C-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_11-2229C-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_11-2232CE-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_11-2247C-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_11-2320C-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_11-5573C7-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_22-4629HC-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_22-4631MC-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_22-4633SC-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_21-2211C-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_21-2218SC-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_21-2258C-G_500x465_GRAY TRITON_21-2313C-G_500x465_GRAY























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