Credit Plan

You can apply with any of our sales associates and often get an immediate approval.

Bring your id with you and we will walk you through the quick on-line application.

Why finance?

1. Perhaps your purchase a gift for someone that might notice if you made a purchase with your credit card?

2. Perhaps you’d like to upgrade the purchase a little from what you have saved up for.

3. Perhaps she’s expecting something in a few months and you’d like to surprise her with presenting something now.

4. You’ve saved up, but you want to leave your cash where it is, earning interest, while you take advantage of our interest free period.

How does it work?

Once approved, you are free to shop at European Goldsmith and charge up to the amount you have been approved for.

Six months later, you can either pay off the full amount charged (and have not spent a dime more than if you had paid cash today), or you can begin making payments. Please note that if you choose to make payments interest charged do apply.



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