Onsite Jewellery Repair

Most gems and precious metals, given reasonable care, can provide pleasure for centuries. On the other hand, one careless moment can ruin a gem forever. Since each gemstone has its own properties, different care can be necessary for the traits of each particular one.

For example, a diamond is extremely scratch resistant, but more likely to chip than jade would be. Pearls and coral are susceptible to damage from chemicals and even ordinary perspiration, so should be wiped clean after each use. The following tips will help your jewellery treasures last:

Ensure proper fit.

Remove jewellery before bathing, sleeping, housework, gardening, and sports. Swimming in a pool might make your diamonds sparkle, but chlorine will weaken the gold setting.

Separate pieces for storage using soft, absorbent fabric to prevent scratches and tangles.

Have adequate insurance, photos for reference, and keep jewellery appraisals at home as well as with the insurance company.

Be gentle when cleaning, and make the process compatible with each specific type of jewellery. For instance, diluted ammonia works well for diamonds and durable minerals; but very mild soap and soft brushes are best for pearls (allow the pearl cord to dry completely on a flat surface).

Take your valuables to a reputable jeweller every six months for professional cleaning and inspection. We will be happy to clean and inspect your jewellery free of charge.

Keep in mind, it is always less expensive to re-tip thin ring claws or tend to stretched chain links, than it is to replace a lost gem or necklace. Preventative maintenance is money well spent.

At European Goldsmith, your jewellery is repaired on site by owner John Berg. It is not shipped away to someone you cannot speak to and you run no risks in shipping your goods away and back*, John was mentored and trained one-on-one in the old European style and has been creating and repairing jewellery since 1988.

If you are uncertain about whether something can be fixed or if you would just like our opinion, please feel free to drop by our store. Our staff will be happy to help you and/or set up an appointment for you to meet with John. Estimates are free of charge!

– Repairs are often done in 2 days
– Some products (for example pearl restringing and watch repairs are not done on site.
– Repair turn-around time can vary depending on the date of drop off and the complexity of the work required.


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