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3 questions to ask when buying jewelry for someone special

The holiday season is a great time to buy jewellery for your someone special. Jewellery is beautiful, classic, and is something that can be treasured for decades to come. Of course, Christmas shopping for the special people in your life can be daunting, especially if the things topping their wish lists are outside of your wheelhouse.  

For some of us, jewellery can be overwhelming.  With so many options and styles out there, how do you choose a gift that will be worn over and over and not just wind up filling space in a jewellery box?  It can be hard to even know where to begin. How do you pick the perfect piece of jewellery when you don’t fully understand the intricacies or maybe even the appeal?

The great news? We’re here to help!  While jewellery may not be your area of expertise, it is ours. With years of experience selling jewellery, wearing it, and drooling over our own wish list items – we have you covered.  But you still play a key role in this shopping experience because you know her best!

Christmas Jewelery Buying Guide


We know it’s tricky. That’s why we’ve pooled our collective years of jewellery expertise to bring you a handy, helpful guide to being a prepared shopper so that you can buy the ‘RIGHT’ gift.  We know you’re looking for that gift that makes her eyes sparkle and that she will treasure and wear often. We want to help you find that something special!

Here are the 3 questions to ponder before you start your shopping!

What jewellery does she already have?

Take some time to note what she wears. Does she mix it up a lot? Does she wear the same pieces every day? Does she always wear the bracelet you bought her but never wears earrings? You can also ask a few subtle questions, perhaps she doesn’t wear earrings because she doesn’t have an everyday pair she loves, or maybe she’s just not an earring girl! You might even want to take a look through her jewellery box, or ask a friend to see what might be missing from her collections.

What does her style look like?

This doesn’t have to be specific to jewellery! Does she tend towards things that are simple and understated or is she a little more adventurous and bold in her style? Does she prefer jeans and sneakers, a simple black dress, or bright and bold patterns?

What’s her lifestyle like?

This is important. If she dresses professionally for work each day, she would probably appreciate a stylish necklace she could wear often. If she is a new mom, some post style earrings may be more suitable as little fingers may pull at and break delicate or dangly pieces. Which pieces of jewellery does she wear regularly already? Have you ever seen her wear a bracelet?

Don’t let these questions overwhelm you, we are here to help! But it’s always good to remember… we might be the jewellery experts, but you’re the expert on her. Keep an eye over the next week or so and make some mental notes based on the questions above. It will help us narrow down the options and find the perfect something special for your special someone.

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