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2019 Wedding Band Trends we are loving!

Your wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of your love, commitment, and friendship. It is a reflection of who you are as an individual and as a couple, and there are so many styles to choose from these days.

Wondering what’s trending in wedding bands at the moment?!  Here are the top 3 trends we’re seeing for men & women!

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2019 Womens' Wedding Band Trends

Mix & Match styles and metals

No longer is it common place to just purchase the matching band. Theses days we are seeing it all! The feared gap between the engagement ring and wedding band is a thing of the past for many. We are seeing anything from curvy to scalloped, with mixed gold colours, even different gemstones! Throw out the rule book & let your creativity flow!

Mix And Match Metals Wedding Rings

Shaped Bands are back!

While a custom fit band is still something we see a lot of, we are also seeing a lot of “almost fitting” bands. Whether it’s a curve, v-shape or pinch, it might not fit perfectly up against your engagement ring but these options can help to accent the natural shape and curves of your ring or add some interest to a classic straight band.

Wedding Ring Jackets that hug your engagement ring

Jackets are 2 bands attached to one another at the back with enough distance in-between to allow for your engagement ring to slide into the middle. This ingenious style is perfect for lovers of symmetry as it gives the instant 2 band effect. It can also help prevent your rings from spinning different directions without the commitment of welding your rings together!

kelowna wedding rings

Men's 2019 Popular Wedding Band Styles

Cobalt Wedding Bands for the rough and tumble

The popularity of this hypo-allergenic metal has been on the rise! It is lighter in both weight and colour than tungsten, but still maintains a high durability. It gives the look of white gold but is four times stronger than platinum, making it a prime alternative metal for wedding bands!

Wood Wedding Band And Non Diamond Engagement Ring

Ultra Alternative styles and materials for the fellas

Metals like tungsten & titanium have been on the scene for awhile now but we are seeing even more interest in the less conventional bands. With additions such as carbon fiber, steel cabling, wood inlays & enamel, the sky's the limit!

Back to Basics with the classic gold wedding band

On the flip side we are seeing a lot of men going back to the tried and true traditional polished gold band. It’s simple smooth design gives a timeless look with a very comfortable feel on the finger. It might be softer than the alternative metals but it can easily be sized or polished!

traditional classic gold wedding rings

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