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3 pro tips to help guard your jewellery during summer fun!

Summer is on its way, and we just can’t wait! British Columbia is beautiful all the time, but in the summer it really shines, especially the Okanagan. As that glorious sunshine starts to come out from hiding, so do we. And that busy, active lifestyle starts to kick into high gear!  We have a few helpful tips for you as things begin to heat up! We’re sure you already know the basics, (stay hydrated, be sun smart, etc.) but here are a few pro tips to keep you and your jewellery looking your best all summer long!

Tip #1 – Do jewelry and water mix?

As things heat up the urge to cool off rises!  What better way to cool off than with a dip in the lake or pool?!  While our official recommendation is not to wear your jewellery while swimming, we know that’s not always realistic.  So, if you plan to keep your jewellery on while you swim here are a couple of things to consider!

Water is often cooler than your body temperature, and as your body adjusts to the coolness of the water, your fingers will most likely shrink.  Next thing you know your ring has slipped right off your finger, perhaps without you even noticing! We can’t count the number of times we’ve heard “My husband lost his wedding ring – it’s somewhere at the bottom of the lake.”

Chlorine & jewellery DO NOT mix well. Chlorine can react with the metals in your jewellery and cause it to corrode.  It can also cause any plating to wear off more quickly and can negatively affect a variety of gemstones as well!

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Tip #2 – Be Sweat Smart!

It can be so annoying to take off your jewellery before being active, but with certain pieces, we promise it’s worth it! Here are a few ways to help your jewellery beat the heat.

If you are wearing earrings always check to be sure your backs are secure, so you don’t lose one while you’re on the move!  It is also important to have your earrings cleaned regularly as perspiration and buildup from creams, hairspray and even skin tissue can dull your sparkle and prevent your backing from staying secure.

Depending on your body chemistry the sweat and moisture from your body can react with the metals in your jewellery, causing them and any plating on them to wear faster.  Not only that, moisture, heat and friction between your skin and jewellery can cause irritation, rashes or eczema on your skin! By rinsing and drying your skin thoroughly after sweating you can help prevent this one.  

Whether you’re at the gym, kayaking or gardening, keep friction in mind! We see rings in for repair all the time that are scratched up, dented or even worn through from wearers doing activities with their rings on. The constant rubbing of metal against rough or hard surfaces such as metal, wood, dirt or rocks can cause a lot of unnecessary wear on your jewellery.

Tip #3 – Wear your jewelry and have fun!

Wear it! This is the season to have fun with fashion!  Accessorize that cute dress or let your diamond ring sparkle will you sip some wine on a patio. Jewellery can’t do its job if it’s just sitting in your jewellery box!  Jewellery was made to be worn, no differently than a car is meant to be driven. But like your car, your jewellery needs regular maintenance and special care and will last longer when treated right.

If you can follow our tips, your jewellery is likely to last longer & sparkle brighter!  It is also vital to bring your jewellery in and have it checked and cleaned regularly. This is a service many jewellers offer free of charge (we do!) so feel free to stop in any time and get sparkled up!

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