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2020 Engagement Ring Trends She Will Love

We are so excited to for all the sparkle to come in 2020 as we help our customers find the perfect engagement ring that fits their lifestyle and budget!  Here’s a look at the Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends that are going to be huge in 2020!

The Solitaire 

Solitaire Diamond 2020 Engagement Ring Trends

The return of the classic.  While bling will never be out of style, we are seeing a return to the simplistic beauty of the solitaire. Whether it’s done in a dainty band or with a wider, bolder, more modern feel, the solitaire is going strong.  What do we love about this look? The more subtle band style shows off the diamond… which is supposed to be the star of the show! 

Pro Tip:  Don’t be afraid to mix this simplistic look with a killer diamond band or maybe even stack up a few. You don’t have to shy away from bling to rock the solitaire look!

The Dainty Band 

Dainty Band Diamond Engagement Ring

Regardless of the setting design, (be it halo, solitaire or a diamond band), thin is in.  The dainty band is also great for showcasing the center diamond, often making it appear larger than it is.  It also can give a more subtle look while still allowing for some added sparkle or design elements on the band. 

Pro Tip:  Don’t go too narrow!  While it can certainly look good and cost less initially, thinner bands usually mean more maintenance down the road.  This is because there is less material and therefore the ring can wear out more quickly, and is more prone to bending, cracking or breaking in the shank (base/back of the ring).

The Fancy Shaped Diamond 

Fancy Shape 2020 Engagement Ring Trends

While round brilliant cut diamonds are still the most commonly seen in engagement rings, compared to the other shapes & cuts, we have seen a major demand for the fancy shapes.  A Fancy Cut diamond is any shape that is not round. While there have been some runs on certain shapes off and on over 2019 is seems to be all the fancy shapes will be popular in 2020!  Pears, Ovals, Emerald-cuts & Princess-cuts are leading the pack, but we have a feeling uniquely cut gems will continue to shine this year! 

Pro Tip:  Did you know that cut means much more than shape?  It also refers to the proportions and symmetry and polish of the finished diamond.  Fancy cut diamonds can be difficult to cut well to maximize brilliance and light refraction, a fact not all jewellers are upfront about.  Why is this important? The better the cut - the better the sparkle! Be sure to ask about the cut grading of the diamond before you buy it.  

The 6-Claw Setting  

6 Claw Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

The most common setting for a center diamond in a 4-claw or 4 prong setting, however near the end of 2019 we saw a lot of people opting for a 6-claw setting.  What do we love about this setting? It has the added protection of 2 additional claws, especially valuable for the more elongated fancy shapes. 

Pro Tip:  Heavier 4-claw settings can sometimes give the illusion of a square or cushion shape to a round diamond. The 6-claw setting can help to balance and show off the shape of the round brilliant diamond!


Custom Designed Diamond Enagement Ring

This is a trend we are sure is here to stay!  Why? Because custom gives you the opportunity to make the ring exactly how you want it.  You can combine a bunch of little things you love from various existing designs, or put life to the ring you’ve dreamed up.   The options are endless to have a ring that is uniquely yours! 

Pro Tip:  We are fortunate enough to have on our team an on-site Master Goldsmith, making it easy for us to offer custom ring design.  Whether it’s a sketch on a napkin, an alteration or just the start of an idea, our expert staff will help make it a reality and walk you through a very interesting and fun process!

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