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Founded by John and Kim Berg in 1996, European Goldsmith Fine Jewellery is a family-owned and operated jewellery store in Kelowna, BC. We truly love this industry and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your life’s most precious moments, from engagements and weddings to the birth of new family members, birthdays, and tokens of love and appreciation. When you visit European Goldsmith, you discover what feelings look like.

We are dedicated to rising above in our quality and customer service and maintaining our reputation as having the highest level of integrity.

Our Store

After more than two decades in Orchard Park Shopping Centre, we relocated our store to Pandosy Street in the Spring of 2017, more than tripling the size of our showroom and creating a completely different experience for our customers.




Our jewellery store also boasts an on-site workshop for our Master Goldsmith so that we can repair jewellery or create a custom design from start to finish without having to ship your precious pieces away. This also allows us to deliver a faster turn-around time for most projects!

Our Jewellery

When you’ve been in the jewellery business as long as we’ve been, you develop an appreciation for high-quality classics and unusual pieces from up-and-coming jewellery designers and that’s exactly what you’ll find at European Goldsmith. We pride ourselves on our reputation for having something different… Something Special!


As members of the Canadian Jewellery Group, Canada’s largest buying group with over 115 stores, we have the same buying capabilities of the big chain stores. Through the Canadian Jewellery Group, we can purchase our jewellery at fair prices and pass the savings onto you while you enjoy all the benefits of dealing with a family-owned and operated independent jewellery store.

Kelowna’s Master Goldsmith

John is a Master Goldsmith who began his one-on-one training in the European tradition while he was still in high school. His mentor was Josef Udvardy, a famous woodworker, master goldsmith, and diamond cutter who came from a respected family of Austrian jewellers. Josef’s family had crafted the Austrian crown jewels and were renowned for their clock-making skills too.


John Berg and his mentor


During their first meeting, John underwent hand tests to assess his dexterity and Josef declared that of all the tests he had done, in all of the years that he had been teaching, he had never seen hand skills like John’s. And so, the teenaged John began apprenticing with Josef and would soon go on to earn a certificate that recognised him as a master goldsmith, per the European tradition.


John started his career as a goldsmith when he was in grade 9 and by the time he was in grade 12, he was crafting custom jewellery pieces for Calgary’s high-end jewellery stores, including Goldschmiede and Brinkhaus.


Today, John combines traditional, old-word skills with modern technology to create one-of-a-kind, custom jewellery and spectacular custom engagement rings at his workshop in our Kelowna jewellery store.

Our Team

The team at European Goldsmith is a cut above! Our sales team doesn’t work on commission allowing them to focus on offering the best customer service and advice based on your actual needs and budget. We are also dedicated to continuing education for our team, ensuring that we are able to deliver on our commitment to integrity.



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