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Showing 40 Diamonds
Shape Size Cut Color Clarity Lab
Radiant 0.30 Very Good H SI1 GS
Radiant 0.33 Very Good H VVS2 GS
Radiant 0.35 Very Good E SI1 GS
Radiant 0.57 Very Good F I1 IGI
Radiant 0.41 Very Good D VVS2 PGS
Radiant 0.50 Very Good G SI1 IGI
Radiant 0.51 Good H VS2 GS-2
Radiant 0.52 Good F VVS2 GS
Radiant 0.51 Very Good G VVS1 GS
Radiant 0.59 Very Good F VS2 GS
Radiant 0.73 Very Good F SI3 NGLC
Radiant 0.82 Very Good E SI3 NGLC
Radiant 0.71 Good H VS2 GIA
Radiant 0.78 Very Good D SI2 GS
Radiant 0.78 Very Good H VS1 IGI
Radiant 0.71 Very Good F VS2 GS
Radiant 1.22 Good G I1 NGLC
Radiant 1.00 Very Good I VS2 NGLC-2
Radiant 1.01 Very Good I SI1 NGLC
Radiant 1.01 N/A I SI2 GIA
Radiant 1.02 Good H SI1 NGLC
Radiant 1.01 Very Good H VVS2 NGLC-2
Radiant 1.00 Very Good H VVS2 GS
Radiant 1.00 Good H VS2 GS
Radiant 1.20 N/A H VVS2 GIA
Radiant 1.00 Very Good G VS1 GS-2
Radiant 1.02 Very Good G VS1 GS-2
Radiant 1.21 N/A F SI1 GIA
Radiant 1.25 Very Good G SI2 GS
Radiant 1.23 Very Good F SI2 GS
Radiant 1.20 Good G VS1 GS
Radiant 1.01 Very Good E VVS2 ARCTICMARK-GIA
Radiant 1.51 N/A G SI2 GIA
Radiant 1.52 Very Good D SI1 GIA
Radiant 3.68 Very Good G I1 NGLC-2
Radiant 3.26 Very Good G SI2 IGI
Radiant 3.00 Good H VS2 HRD-2
Radiant 4.01 Very Good I SI1 NGLC
Radiant 3.01 Very Good F SI1 GIA
Radiant 4.10 N/A I VS1 NGLC-2
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